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Any car accident can have a devastating impact on your life and your loved ones. Not only is this event jarring and frightening, but you may experience serious injuries and losses because of this accident. Under normal circumstances, you would share insurance and contact information with the person at fault. You rely on this person to take responsibility for their actions and their insurance company to pay for the resulting expenses.

When you are involved in a hit and run accident, however, you do not get to face the person who caused you harm. You may not know where to turn to for the financial compensation that you need after this accident. A person who drives away from an accident not only treats you unjustly, but they are also breaking the law. You should not have to manage the burden of this accident on your own, even when the person at fault is not at the scene after the accident.

To ensure that you receive the financial compensation you deserve after an accident, you need the help of the Austin hit and run attorneys at Gibson Hill Personal Injury. We are ready to take on your case to help you receive justice after this traumatic event. You cannot afford to waste time after a hit and run so contact Gibson Hill Personal Injury today at (737) 249-6300 to discuss your case.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Receiving compensation after a hit and run accident can be extremely difficult. Just because the person who caused your accident did not stay at the scene, you should not be the one responsible for the financial damage that this person caused. However, your insurance does not want to pay for the medical and property expenses after an accident. They may try to take advantage of your vulnerable position to avoid paying you the compensation that your insurance policy entitles you to.

Given the complexities of hit and run cases, you cannot expect to manage the aftermath of this event on your own. You need a skilled personal injury lawyer to help protect your rights and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Your lawyer will be able to work with your insurance company to make sure that they are treating you fairly and they are upholding their duty to you as a client. An attorney will also be able to organize and incorporate witness statements, police records, and other information from the accident into your legal case, giving you the best chances of winning your case.

Why Choose Gibson Hill Personal Injury

After a hit and run car accident, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of the steps you need to take. The attorneys at Gibson Hill Personal Injury have worked with countless individuals like you, who need support and guidance through this difficult time. Our attorneys have experience in personal injury law, and we have spent years honing our skills, so we can provide you with the best legal counsel possible. We are prepared to answer your questions and help you understand your rights.

You need compensation to protect your financial interests and ensure that you receive the medical care that you require. However, fighting for appropriate compensation is difficult and time-consuming. You do not need to manage the stress of insurance claims or a legal case on your own. The attorneys at Gibson Hill Personal Injury understand what you are going through and we will work to make this process easier every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our caring and empathetic treatment of each of the cases we handle and we will show you the respect you deserve.

Common Causes of a Hit and Run

Whenever you are involved in an accident, both parties involved must follow certain protocols to understand the extent of the damage and make sure that there are no serious injuries. According to the Texas Transportation Code, after an accident, all drivers involved must:

  • Stop their vehicle in a safe location, as close to the scene of the accident as possible
  • Determine if anyone involved in the accident requires medical attention and contact emergency personnel if necessary
  • Provide their name, address, vehicle registration, and insurance information to all parties involved
  • Provide a valid drivers’ license upon request

Most drivers are aware of this standard procedure after an accident, and for the majority of people, it is simply common sense to stop and make sure that everyone involved is okay. Unfortunately, during a hit and run, the driver who left the scene chose to ignore this responsibility, most likely in an attempt to avoid the consequences of an accident. Some of the most common reasons that drivers leave the scene of an accident include:

  • Avoiding additional penalties for drunk driving or driving under the influence
  • Outstanding warrants or tickets
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving with an unregistered vehicle or without a license
  • Panic in the moment of the accident

None of these reasons that a driver might leave the scene are reasonable or excusable. When you are on the road you have a responsibility to other drivers around you and making the right choices after an accident is a part of this responsibility.

A driver who does not stop after an accident or who refuses to provide correct information is in violation of the law. This person may face a fine of up to $5,000 and up to five years in prison. If you were able to record any details about the vehicle or the person who hit your car, this information can be valuable in your police report. Even partial information, such as a portion of a license plate or a car’s make and model, can be useful for finding the person who caused your accident and bringing them to justice.

Your Rights After a Hit and Run

Throughout the United States, drivers must have a basic level of auto insurance to legally drive on the road, called minimum coverage. The state of Texas requires a 30/60/25 minimum auto insurance policy for every driver. This coverage description is shorthand for:

  • $30,000 liability per person injured
  • $60,000 liability for all bodily injuries
  • $25,000 liability for property damage

A minimum insurance policy typically only covers other people and vehicles involved in the accident and may not extend to your own injuries from the accident. Under normal circumstances, you expect the driver who caused your accident to carry at least the minimum insurance, which would provide financial support for your injuries and property damage during the accident.

When you are in a hit and run accident, you cannot rely on the other person’s insurance for coverage. However, your own insurance policy may be able to provide financial compensation through additional coverage options. Some of the most common insurance coverage, which may be a part of or additional to your auto insurance policy include:

  • Collision coverage – payment for repairs to your vehicle, regardless of fault in an accident.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage – payment for bodily injury and vehicle damage during an accident with a driver who does not have insurance or who’s insurance is not sufficient to cover damages.
  • Medical payments coverage – payment for bodily injury to any passengers in your vehicle, regardless of fault in the accident.
  • Personal injury protection – payment for bodily injury that you or your passengers sustained during an accident.

It is essential that you understand the details of your car insurance policy and how this policy may be able to help you after a hit and run accident. A personal injury lawyer will have the expertise necessary to understand the details of your auto insurance policy. With their knowledge and guidance, you will be able to make a strong case for compensation after a hit and run accident.

A hit and run accident can change your entire life in an instant. Damages to your car, serious injuries, and, unfortunately, even death are all common during car accidents. The person who left the scene of your accident denied you the protection the law guarantees, and therefore placed you and your loved ones at risk. However, when you work with an attorney, you may still be able to receive all of the necessary compensation to cover the physical, emotional, and property costs of this accident.

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