Top Tips for Organizing Medical Bills from Your AccidentMany car accident victims do not realize the importance of keeping track of their medical bills after a crash. But without proof of your medical expenses, you may have a difficult time recovering compensation for the cost of your treatment. Considering a serious car accident can end up costing thousands of dollars in medical bills, you do not want to be stuck with those expenses.

To maximize your potential compensation after a car accident, you need documentation of all your medical expenses, from your doctor’s appointments and prescription drugs to physical therapy and lab tests. Staying on top of all these bills can be a challenge, but it can make a big difference in terms of the compensation you receive. The Texas auto accident attorneys of Gibson Hill Personal Injury want to help you recover as much compensation as possible after a crash that wasn’t your fault, and below you will find some tips for keeping your medical bills organized in the weeks and months to come.

Some things you can do to keep track of your medical bills after an accident include:

Keep a Journal

If you have suffered major injuries in an accident, it could be months or years before you fully heal. As time goes on, it may be harder to remember exactly what treatments you received and when, but you can avoid this issue by keeping a journal. The journal does not have to be particularly detailed, but by noting the dates of your appointments and procedures, when you were prescribed and took different medications, and other details, you can maintain a record of your treatment from beginning to end. This is also a good place to record notes about your pain and the impact your accident injuries have on your daily life.

Take Pictures

It may seem a bit gruesome to take pictures of your injuries after an accident but doing so can serve an important purpose. If you have a visual record of your injuries, you can use the pictures to jog your memory about what treatment you received for each injury. This way, you have a lower chance of forgetting a treatment you received. It can also act as a timeline of your recovery process.

Make Copies of Your Bills and Receipts

Top Tips for Organizing Medical Bills from Your AccidentWhile hospitals and other medical facilities keep extensive records of what treatment you received, you may be seeing several different doctors or traveling to different facilities for different treatments. This makes it easy for bills to get lost or accidentally thrown out, not to mention making it difficult to keep track of everything. But if you make copies of all your bills and receipts, then keep those copies in a separate location from the originals, you have a detailed record of your expenses. Making copies also means you have backups in case something happens to one of your bills or receipts.

Sort Your Documents According to Your Injuries

You may have suffered many different injuries in an accident, and you want to be sure they are all accounted for when you submit your insurance claim or file a lawsuit. Organizing your records by associating them with the treatments you received for your different injuries is an easy way to help you remember everything, especially if you also use pictures to keep track of your injuries.

Keep Everything in One Place

You should keep your medical expenses separate from the rest of your bills to make sure nothing is lost. Get a binder, folder, or something similar that you can use to organize all your bills and keep everything in one spot. If you mix your medical bills with your other expenses or do not keep everything grouped together, you might lose some documents.

Give Copies of Your Documents to Your Attorney

Your lawyer will likely need copies of all your medical records and receipts anyway, so you might as well let them help you keep track of everything. If your lawyer has copies of all your documents, that means you still have proof of your expenses even if something happens to the original records.

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