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A car crash is a traumatic event. It can cause severe physical injuries and lasting emotional pain. And anyone who gets hurt in an accident is all too familiar with the financial strain and stress that follow. If you suffered a concussion due to accident-related whiplash, you could be entitled to compensation for your losses.

When you’re already hurting in the aftermath of an accident, just summoning the strength to attend doctor’s appointments can be overwhelming, let alone handling a personal injury claim. That’s where the help of a knowledgeable car accident lawyer comes in. An experienced attorney from Gibson Hill Personal Injury can help you get the financial compensation and justice you deserve for your injuries.

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The Link Between Whiplash and a Concussion

Many people think of whiplash as a relatively minor injury, but the consequences of whiplash can be severe and lead to ongoing medical problems.

Rear-end collisions are a common cause of whiplash injuries. However, whiplash can occur in any type of car accident. When a vehicle strikes your car from behind, your neck and head snap violently forward and backward. That places significant stress and pressure on the tendons and muscles in your neck, stretching and extending them beyond their usual range of motion, which results in painful soft tissue damage. Basic movements such as bending the neck or turning the head from side to side are complicated and painful for whiplash patients.

Wearing a seatbelt keeps you firmly positioned in your seat during a crash. However, a standard seatbelt won’t protect your neck or head from intense jostling or shaking upon impact. This leaves you susceptible to injuries like whiplash, which can lead to complications such as concussions.

A concussion is a mild type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, mild is a relative term. Although a concussion is less severe than some other TBIs, this type of injury can still have debilitating symptoms. Most concussions occur when forceful blows, sudden movements, or abrupt changes in direction cause the brain to collide with the inside of the skull. This can lead to swelling, bleeding, and bruising that interrupt normal brain function.

Warning Signs of Whiplash After a Car Accident

The most common warning signs of whiplash include:

  • Neck pain

  • Blurry visionconcussions a serious consequence of whiplash plain2context

  • Dizziness

  • Sleeplessness

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck stiffness

  • Ringing in the ears

  • Irritability

  • Shoulder pain

  • Hand or arm numbness

  • Tiredness

  • Pain in the arms or hands

  • Memory and concentration issues

How Long Does Whiplash Last?

Most people who suffer whiplash in car accidents experience symptoms for a few days or weeks. However, a severe case of whiplash could cause pain and other issues for months. Chronic pain or inflammation in and around the spine are common complications of whiplash injuries.

The time it takes you to recover from whiplash will vary depending on numerous factors, including the severity of the injury, your medical history, and the type of treatment you receive. You can discuss what to expect during the healing process with your doctor.

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Common Signs of a Concussion

Some concussions cause immediate symptoms. But in many cases, it takes hours or days for concussion symptoms to appear. The most common signs of a concussion after an accident include memory loss, confusion, and headaches.

The physical symptoms often experienced with a concussion include:

  • Vomiting

  • Headaches

  • Blurry vision

  • Nausea

  • Ringing in the ears

  • Drowsiness or fatigue

Additional symptoms include:

  • Dizziness or “seeing stars”

  • Amnesia about the crash

  • Confusion or feeling like you’re in a fog

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Sensitivity to noise and light

  • Concentration and memory issues

  • Psychological adjustment problems and depression

  • Disorders of smell and taste

Others might notice you exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Appearing dazed

  • Slurred speech

  • Temporary loss of consciousness

  • Forgetfulness, such as asking the same question repeatedly

  • Delayed responses to questions

  • Irritability and other changes in personality

Get Legal Help After a Car Accident in Houston

You should always seek prompt medical attention after a car accident, even if you don’t feel seriously hurt. Whiplash and concussion can occur simultaneously and might not cause symptoms for hours or days after the crash. After your initial emergency room visit, contact a car accident lawyer from Gibson Hill Personal Injury as soon as possible.

We can start working on your case immediately by investigating the accident to identify liable parties and gathering evidence to prove your claim. We will fight for the maximum compensation you deserve every step of the way.

If you sustain whiplash in a car accident and begin experiencing concussion symptoms, call Gibson Hill Personal Injury today at 512-580-8334 to discuss your legal options with a lawyer that specializes in car accidents in a free consultation session.

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